Logistic planning and services for the transportation of oversized loads.

Route Survey

  • Definition of the best route;
  • Information about route authorities;
  • Operational procedures and parking áreas;
  • Geometric and road condition inspections;
  • Botleneck studies about social and environmental aspects;
  • Climatic influences on the site;
  • More than 80 projects performed and more than 25000 Km of highways surveyed in Brazil.

Site Survey

  • Internal verification on the client site;
  • Geometric verifications, such as, road width, radius of curvature and slope;
  • Inspection of the parking and turning areas;
  • Geometric road layouts validation;
  • Discussion with the civil works team to optimize layouts;
  • Consulting for the preparation of the internal roads technical specifications;

Geometric Inspections

  • Geometric inspections in ports and storage areas;
  • Verification of the available area and development of the storage layout.

Transport Rotograms and Geometric Feasibility Study

  • Transport rotograms made directly to the transport companies;
  • Focus on operational activity and team training;
  • Preparation of documents in accordance with the requirements of DNIT and other authorities.

Surveyors in Ports

  • Surveyors for loading and unloading vessels and barges.

Onsite Services and Training

  • Road test validation for transport devices;
  • Trainings for transportation team;
  • Audits in transportation companies, process and equipment;
  • Operational management;
  • Component inspections for receipt and delivery (factory, ports, sites …).